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Touch Up Paint Kit (a la carte)

Touch Up Paint Kit (a la carte)

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Get the ultimate touch up paint kit by itself.  A true professional kit that can get pro results with no experience...GUARANTEED. 
This kit does not come with the  Ultimate Car Scratch Remover  "core" kit that removes surface clear coat scratches permanently, which is designed to work in harmony with the ultimate touch up paint kit as truly professional "system" for addressing any scratch situation or combination of scratches you will ever come across.
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The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover Original


"We were also impressed with the Ultimate Car Scratch Remove System... in our test, we were able to revitalize a bumper that had started to resemble hamburger meat- an overly ambitious task, to be sure, but the Ultimate Car Scratch Remover System did a remarkable job removing most of the damage. The company also has an extensive Youtube catalog, and the founder follows up with every buer over email to answer any questions."

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