Watch These Videos First

Important Video Watch This Now

Trying to decide if you can do this?  (spoiler alert-yes you can!)Please watch this first !

Determine which kit is right for you. Overview of techniques.

Quick video on just what IS a scratch and how to determine what is your best option to fix it.

Can you remove the scratch OR will it need touch up paint?

This is a quick video showing how to quickly assess the scratch damage you have and how to fix it.

What's In The Box

Don't Freak Out! You probably will not use all of the components every time. 

I designed the kits to cover every possible scenario.  The videos, instruction trifold and quick start guides walk you through what to use when...step by step. 

Classic Core Kit - What's Inside!

This Kit will fix all scratches that do not require touch up paint. Addtionally, it will enhance all touch up paint repairs - for the professional touch!

Bundled Upgrade Custom Touch Up Kit.What's inside!

This is truely THE ultimate combination to fix ANY scratch or scrape you will ever run into (ha ha). There is no kit on the internet that even comes close to what this bundled kit can do.

Typical Clear Coat Surface Scratches

Polish, Glaze, Sealant - How They Work

Demistified: Just what is a "polish", what is a "glaze" and what is a "sealant" AND how they work together to deliver a true professional result.

Heavy shrub scratches - Polish, Glaze and Sealant.

Typical surface clear coat scratches that only require polish to remove. The result is enhanced with glaze then protected with a sealant.

"Paint Transfer" with Typical Scratch

Coming soon!Super common damage where something rubs up against your vehicle and deposits paint ONTOP of your paint finish.  Super easy to remove. 

Wet Sanding /Polishing  (SafeTsand ) 

Wet Sanding 101 overview 

Great video on what, why and how wet sanding is used in the process of removing scratches that polish alone will not remove.

Long Thin scrapes  SafeTsand  # 1

Great video on removing a long scratch using the patented tool "Safe-T-Sand" that is in your kit. It's designed to be a safe way to wet sand even for a complete novice.

Long Thin scrapes  SafeTsand (tips) # 2  

Check out the  last part of this video it has great  tips and how to work around uneven edges like door edges when you are wet sanding. 

Door handle scratches - keys -fingernails

Super common scratch damage is removed easily!

Kitchen sponge scotchbrite scratch damage Fixed!

Unfortunately,    kitchen scotch-brite sponge damage is super common and farily serious that polish along will not fix.   Its an innocent mistake typically made while washing the vehicle.  Not to worry this can be restored to like new using the SafeTsand  process!

SafeTsand Wet Sanding Trouble Shooting

I show the typical problems and how to correct them. It's usually a minor correction to your technique to get jaw dropping results.

Etched clear coat spot from a dried bird drop.

This is  damage  is common and can be corrected easily. 

Spot block wet sanding tool (cork hack)

This hack is supplied in the Ultimate Car Scratch Remover with Custom touch up kit.  I show you how to make a pro style "spot block" to precision wet sand small areas.

How to SAFELY  remove a bird bomb

I show you how to safely remove a dried bird bomb without causing damage to your clear coat.  This is a very common scenario  where damage is caused innocently while removing dried bird drops.  

Touch Up Paint Repairs 

Multiple types of damage in the same area

This is a fantastic video showing you how to approach the full gamut of scratch damage in the same location.  This is your road map as to which technique to use in what order! 

"Road rash"  dab&smear technique

*no audio in this demo* Classic "road rash" micro chips are easily filled all at once. This can be on a hood, or front bumper or side panels that get hit with road debris. 

Dab& Smear - leveling solvent technique

This easy technique is the safest and fastest way to fill and level deep scratches that require touch up paint. The great things is you can not mess this up and can redo as much as you wish without harm to the clear coat.  

"Old School"  Wet sand dry touch up paint

This is a technique that has been done for years.  It has it's place however it can not be redone - it's done once and it's done.  You can't  start over and redo like the "solvent leveling technique" which is very forgiving. 

Full make over on a vehicle.

This video shows how to do a full scratch repair make over on a entire vehicle.  Your road map to the techniques and the order in which to do them!

Alt method to apply paint with a syringe for the "dab and smear" technique.

This is a more precision way to apply paint when doing the "dab and smear" you are left with minimal paint to remove.

Dab & Smear leveling method troubleshooting

There are things you will learn in this video to make minor corrections to your technique. This method is great because you can redo it as many times as you wish without harm to the paint finish.

Touch up Paint over view of techniques

I will go over the different options you have in the Ultimate Car Scratch Remover bundled version. From simple precision touch ups with a micro brush to full on touch up of a vandalized key scratch.