Why Is Your System A Better Choice Compared to QUIXX ?

Wow, where do I start.  First off The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover System™ is made with of professional formulas and accessories, and is not a throw away product, rather a true investment in your new car.  The  same  EXACT stuff you would find in a Professionals scratch repair tool box.  I have never seen  QUIXX in a professional tool box…EVER.   Quixx is not a bad product, rather you might get hit or miss results and only with  minor clear coat scratches.  There is only  50 grams total of formula and the wet sand paper strips are totally incorrect application and against professional technique.  It is a one use throw away product.

I Am Worried About Making Things Worse.

MY PROMISE TO YOU we are here for you and will do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE  to ensure your success….PERIOD.  We have set the bar so high for support not a single company in the world offering a consumer car scratch remover product comes close.
I have designed the system with easy to follow videos and quick start guide, but I realize you might still have a question or two and we love talking to you and answering questions.
We respond to our customers same day with specific personalized help to address your unique situation.
We are NOT like the rest who take your money and move on the the next person.

Come On, How Can You Offer a One Year Money Back Guarantee?!

Simple. The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover System™ is most complete and effective consumer car scratch remover product in the WORLD.  Customers all over the world have proven this.  We work non-stop to keep improving the product all the time.  I don’t think we deserve your hard earned money if we can’t give you results…period.  NOT a single company in the world that makes a car scratch remover product offers this type of guarantee.  why?  I suppose they don’t believe that their product is that good or maybe they think  people will take advantage of them.  I have a lot more faith in my customers apparently.  I know they are honest and if they say they are not happy and want their money back then they deserve a full refund 100% of the purchase price, cheerfully….I believe it’s the right thing to do.

How do I get a refund if I'm not thrilled with the results?

Super easy. You have ONE FULL YEAR to try the kit out. Just email me with your full name, purchase date, order number and the product purchased. That's it. I will get back pronto with you to confirm and then credit your card that you used. In maost cases I will not need you to send back the kit. Occasionally I want to inspect the kit components to see if something was wrong or defective, however in that case I would send you postage and you can simply give it to your postal carrier or drop at your local post office...easy pezy.

Why couldn't I just buy some polish and microfiber towels and kinda wing my own kit?

Couple reasons.

1.This kit is carefully designed with professional formulas to work step by step. I have made easy to follow videos so that even if you have ZERO experience you can get thrilling results right out of the box....NO GUESS WORK.

2. You can't purchase professional formulas unless you go through professional channels - you can't get them at Target, Pep Boys or Napa OR even on Amazon. Most times they are only sold in large gallon quanties and very expensive. Also you need to understand the types of formulas needed that will work together to get the best results.

3. This kit is designed with professional formulas and accessories. This is a double edged sword. Professional products get the job done fast with great results. However, with professional products the manufacturers don't supply instructions or even videos - they expect that you are a pro and you know what you are doing. This is why I have created dozens of videos on this website and YouTube showing you EXACTLY how to use this kit.

4. When you buy multiple formulas or products on your own and wing it...you will have to experiment maybe they will work maybe not. If they dont work most companies will not take back used products if you read the fine print.

The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover is GUARANTEED TO WORK or your money back.
Use it for ONE FULL YEAR and if you are not thrilled get a full no hassel refund.

What if I get the kit and I have a question and need some support?

I am here to support your success.
I can be reached by email and phone. I also use WhatsApp daily for my business and its a great way to provide support. My company is a small dedicated group and we take you and your vehicle seriously. We ar not like ALL the major corporations that sell products in the big box stores. Good luck trying to get personalized email or phone support from QUIXX, or Turtle Wax etc.

My mission is to give you the formulas and support to get the job done to your satisfaction.