The New Ultimate Car Scratch Remover Website is Live!!!

The New Ultimate Car Scratch Remover Website is Live!!!

This product is far from new (I started selling these in 2009) but more than a decade later the time has come to give the website an update… and it’s a big one!

We started from the bottom up and completely rebuilt the website. It is easier for shoppers to shop and it is easier for us to maintain. Not to mention, it looks 100x better!

Here is the side-by-side comparison:

car scratch website old vs new

What’s new?

Lots of broken things have been fixed including images, links, and other website features. There is a whole new look and feel and the entire website has been moved to a new platform.

What’s the same?

I spent years developing the car scratch remover kits on this website and you’ll find the same formulas, the same products and the same kits available for sale. This includes the Original (blue box) Car Scratch Remover System and the Touch-Up Paint System (red box).

Get 25% Off!

Take Advantage of our relaunch code: NewCarScratch22

This code will get you 25% off of your order and the code is valid until December 31, 2022.

Why Choose Our Kits?

These products were developed by me more than a decade ago and the point is to give you professional results from a DIY set of products. You can’t get the same professional results from the typical products that you find in a store. You need an entire kit of pro-grade formulated solutions and that’s what you get here.

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