The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover  Original
The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover  Original

The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover Original

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The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover System™  original kit will handle 80% of the typical normal clear coat everyday surface car scratches you will encounter.  *get the upgraded bundle if you will need touch up paint repairs see below and link to it.

  • Simple 3 Step Process - Videos and Quick Start Guide
  • Permanently Removes all  surface Clear Coat Scratches 
  • Fantastic investment, removes dozens of scratches - NOT a throw away product!
  • Nothing else needed for removing clear coat scratches, it's all in the box!

Availability date: 08-07-2020


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If you have Deep scrapes, scratches or chips you will need touch up paint.  Click HERE for The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover with Custom Touch Up Paint Kit.  It's designed to work with this kit to enhance ALL touch up paint repairs.

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5 stars
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This is seriously unbelievable!!
This is seriously unbelievable!! I had little faith and finally had a break in the weather yesterday in pa. It very quickly took care of the job. I would recommend this product to anyone that made the same mistake as me, using a dish sponge to remove bird s**t off my car!! This even worked on spots where my roommates car door hit my car in the garage! That took some extra elbow grease but it actually worked, and I\'m talking about 10 or so different spots it removed and 4 different spots where I lightly scuffed the clear coat with a dish sponge. Called retailers and they told me to call a body shop. This was my last chance before getting a new paint job and it work fantastically! It was scuffed enough to see on a silver car so I can only imagine if it were a dark color car like black.
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